Liens & Levies

For many people, a lingering tax issue starts to “get real” once they receive notice of an IRS lien or levy against their house, bank account or other assets. This category of our blog focuses on liens and levies and the various options available to someone facing this sort of IRS issue.

Liens & Levies

What is a Federal Tax Lien?

I’m tax attorney Steve Klitzner. It’s my job to protect folks with IRS problems and to exercise their rights. Now a question that is often asked of me is, “What is a federal tax lien?” Part two to the question is, “How do I get rid of it?”

Well, first of all, a federal tax lien is what the IRS files in the county where you live that’ll protect their interest. If you have any assets or any property, it’ll attach to that property. It’ll also mess up your credit pretty good. Sometimes it can lower it by 75 to 100 points.

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