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Sometimes its just more convenient to watch or listen to a video than to read through written content. As such, this is our archive of videos where tax attorney Steven Klitzner discusses common IRS problems and different types of solutions available to taxpayers.

Tax Videos

Different Statutes of Collection

Jeffrey: Hi. I’m Jeffrey Schneider, and I’m an enrolled agent, and this is We Got Your Back…Taxes. Today we have Steven Klitzner. He’s an attorney who specializes in what we call alternative collection issues. He basically helps you get out of problems with the IRS. So today we’re going to talk about the different statutes that are out there. There’s 3, 6, unlimited, 10-year, and everybody thinks they’re something different. So let’s talk about the three-year statute first.

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IRS Tax Law

Hi. I’m tax attorney Steve Klitzner, and all I do in my practice, as an attorney, is representing individuals and business with IRS problems. Sometimes it’s because the IRS is … Read more

IRS Payments

I’m tax attorney Steve Klitzner. My practice is dedicated solely to representing individuals and businesses with IRS problems. Sometimes people have a different sort of problem with the IRS. They … Read more

What is a Federal Tax Lien?

I’m tax attorney Steve Klitzner. It’s my job to protect folks with IRS problems and to exercise their rights. Now a question that is often asked of me is, “What is a federal tax lien?” Part two to the question is, “How do I get rid of it?”

Well, first of all, a federal tax lien is what the IRS files in the county where you live that’ll protect their interest. If you have any assets or any property, it’ll attach to that property. It’ll also mess up your credit pretty good. Sometimes it can lower it by 75 to 100 points.

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