Difference Between IRS Liens & Levies

I’m Tax Attorney Steve Klitzner. My practice is limited solely to representing individuals and businesses with IRS problems. Here’s a common question that people have: What’s the difference between a lien and a levy?

A lien is when the IRS goes down to the courthouse in your county, files
paperwork saying you owe them money. What happens there is if you have any
property that you sell, the IRS is going to get it at the time of sale. A lien also destroys your credit; it can hurt it by 75 to 100 points. A levy is when the IRS actually takes something, like your bank account or your wages. This obviously can be very devastating.

We deal with the IRS all the time, on both liens and levies. If you have any problems in these areas, call me. Contact Tax Attorney Steve Klitzner below:

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