Offer In Compromise

One common tool that is often used to attempt to resolve tax problems is submitting an Offer in Compromise to the IRS. An “OIC” is a document that is involved in what is essentially a negotiation with the IRS to settle the outstanding tax debt for less than the total amount owed.  This section of our blog is dedicating to posts about Offers in Compromise.

Offer In Compromise

Once You Owe The IRS Money, It Never Goes Away

IRS Myth 12: Once You Owe The IRS Money, It Never Goes Away

Every year, my clients save millions of dollars because the time for the IRS to collect has expired. The Statute of Limitations for when you owe the IRS money is 10 years from the day the tax was assessed. Some of these people have been declared uncollectible by the IRS or have been making small payments and have not been able to fully pay over the years. Others are just plain lucky that they have slipped under the radar.

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