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You don’t have to live in Miami Beach to know this coastal resort city has it all – sandy beaches, a thriving nightlife, a food scene that’s raved about from coast to coast – but it’s only the local residents who get to have all this plus fantastic tax benefits, too. Like all Florida residents, people who call Miami Beach home enjoy the financial savings of no state income taxes, which is quite a perk on top of a spectacular tropical setting all year round. But just because there are no state taxes doesn’t mean there are no tax problems. Because residents are still subject to Federal taxes, they can still run into trouble there.

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The truth is, Federal tax codes are known for being hard to understand, so it’s all too easy for a person to innocently misfile paperwork or forget something important. If this has happened to you, you don’t have to face the IRS alone. Steven Klitzner and Florida Tax Solvers are here to help your with your IRS tax problems. Come to use for assistance with navigating through IRS demands, understanding claims, filing paperwork and meeting deadlines – and the sooner, the better. The longer you let these complications go, the more problems can mount, from fines to wage garnishments, even liens on property. By partnering with an experienced an experienced Miami tax attorney, you gain a way to possibly prove you owe less than what the IRS says, as well as opportunities to negotiate smaller settlements.

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Florida Tax Solvers is available to provide various services, including representing you to IRS agents if needed. IRS agents are savvy, as they’ve been specially trained to find tax discrepancies and problems. When you meet with them without representation, you may reveal unnecessary information or materials that you aren’t legally required to share. But when you have an experienced IRS tax attorney on your side, you’re protected from going beyond legal obligations and have a trustworthy buffer to go between you and the IRS.

Interested in learning more about Steven Klitzner, Florida Tax Solvers and our services to downtown Miami and Miami Beach residents? Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our IRS tax experts, and let us help you go over tax issues face to face. We’re here to help you evaluate your options and resolve tax concerns. Please contact us to request a consultation and get help with your tax problems today.

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