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Tax problems have a way of coming upon you when you least expect them. Knowing where to find professional tax assistance can help alleviate the pressure of handling complex tax issues on your own. Hiring a professional Bay Harbor, FL, tax attorney will enable you to resolve any tax disputes you may be facing before they get out of control.

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Tax debt can lead to a number of IRS practices to include wage garnishment, property seizure and IRS penalty in an attempt to collect the money owed. Many of these practices can be quite intimidating when you have to face them alone. An experienced tax attorney knows how to handle each one of these practices and more, giving you an edge in resolving major tax issues without losing your financial control.

Wage Garnishment

If you owe the IRS back taxes, wage garnishment is one way in which the IRS can collect what is due. Under this process, IRS officials have the authority to order your employer to withhold a percentage of your income to go towards paying your tax debt. Salaries, commissions, bonuses, retirement income and pension income can all be legally garnished to pay your back taxes.

By negotiating payment terms with the IRS, your tax attorney can help you avoid the embarrassment of this procedure. He or she can develop alternative payment options that are more conducive to you and acceptable to IRS officials in order to pay the taxes you owe.

Property Seizures

According to federal law, the government has the right to seize your personal property or assets if you owe back taxes. With a qualified tax attorney, you stand a better chance of reclaiming what is yours. An experienced attorney knows what course of action is best for your situation to get the results you desire. His knowledge in this area will enable him to act quickly and decisively on your behalf. Having the backing of a good tax attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Whether you are facing an IRS penalty, wage garnishment or the prospect of losing your property to the IRS for the payment of taxes, a competent tax attorney can help. With the help and support of a Bay Harbor, FL, tax attorney, you can resolve your tax issues under more favorable circumstances, enabling you to preserve your financial standing.

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