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Located on beautiful Key Largo in the upper Florida Keys, Tavernier makes a great place to call home, surrounded by ocean views and tropical breezes. Yet even when you escape to the island life, there are some issues from which you can’t free yourself. Residents of this relaxing subtropical community face tax issues from time to time, unfortunately. While it’s true that Florida is free from state income tax, it’s also true that IRS complications happen here like anywhere else. When you’re facing problems with the IRS in Tavernier and don’t know how to deal with them, Steven Klitzner is here to help.

Here’s the problem: federal and corporate tax laws are notoriously complicated. Even for savvy professionals and/or retirees, navigating tax documentation and regulations can be tricky. That’s why it’s all too easy to make a mistake without realizing it. But when you make even a small error on your tax paperwork, you can end up facing devastating consequences. The IRS has the ability to charge fees, garnish wages and put a lien on your property. If this is already your situation, you may find yourself panicking. Thankfully you don’t need to lose hope. A reliable Tavernier tax attorney like Steven Klitzner can provide you with the advice on paperwork, deadlines and regulations that will simplify the tax process and free you from liability.

How Steven Klitzner Benefits You

For the kind of professional guidance that helps you avoid penalties and meet guidelines, speak to Steven Klitzner. We are well acquainted with tax regulations and know how to fight unjust claims, file paperwork correctly and act on your behalf with valid power of attorney.

The truth is, when you’re facing IRS problems, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless — but don’t panic. There is still a way out when you come to us. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation where we will look at your tax concerns and help you navigate your options. Steven Klitzner can empower you to return to the emotional and financial peace of mind you once enjoyed — so that you’re free to get back to enjoying life in Tavernier.

Contact Steven Klitzner to request a consultation and get help with your tax problems today!

Tavernier Tax Problem Resolution Services

At Florida Tax Solvers, Steven Klitzner provides assistance in the following areas:

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