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Receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can cause some people to have a bad reaction–even before they open the envelope. This sentiment is understandable. The IRS is a governmental organization that has the power to render serious consequences to people they determine owe a tax liability.

In cases where the tax liability is under $10,000, a resolution is typically a matter of contacting the IRS and working out at a solution. When the tax liability is more than $10,000 or you believe the IRS has made an error, establishing a relationship with a tax attorney is generally the best route to resolving the problem and relieving yourself of undue stress.

The really great news about hiring a tax attorney in Surfside, Florida is that you instantly have someone on your side who understands complex tax laws, and who has experience working with the IRS. In Surfside, Florida, tax attorneys specialize in a variety of tax-related issues that include the following:

Wage Garnishments

When the IRS uses this collection method, they contact your employer and request that a specific amount of money is taken out of your paycheck to payoff the debt. You should receive an “Intent to Levy” letter before the IRS makes the request to your employer. You should act fast to avoid this situation that can cause a financial burden and embarrassment. A tax attorney knows the laws regarding garnishments and can assist and negotiate an alternative solution.

Liens and Levies

If you own assets, the IRS has the right to secure a claim against it to fulfill your tax liability. The IRS must give you proper notice before taking steps to claim your assets. This is an ideal time to contact a tax attorney for assistance.

Tax Debt Negotiations

Is the amount of tax debt that IRS has determined you owe correct? Could be or not. As an individual who is unaware of the federal laws that govern the IRS, you may accept the amount that they give you as correct. A tax attorney can go over the amounts that IRS is charging you and appeal any discrepancies.

Tax Filings

In some cases, filing the proper tax forms is all that is necessary to resolve a tax problem. A tax attorney is trained in financial matters and can complete your tax forms on your behalf.

If you reside in or near the Surfside, Florida area, you don’t have to live with tax problems and the potential consequences they can cause when you try to resolve the situation on your own. Contact a Surfside, Florida tax attorney today.

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