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Don’t take out a second mortgage, don’t sell your car, don’t cash in your daughter’s college fund, don’t sell your business and don’t take that second job at the burger place just to make your monthly IRS payments… Not until you’ve talked to a good tax attorney, that is.

Dealing with the IRS is frightening, and it can be easy to panic, but before you do that, consider what a good lawyer might be able to do for you.

Steve Klitzer Can Help You:

Settle for a Fraction of What’s Owed

You could owe six figures and bring them down to five if you’re working with a good attorney, so don’t think that you need to sacrifice everything that you’ve worked for.

Reduce Monthly Payments

Monthly payments can be unrealistic and unreasonable. A good attorney might be able to help you reduce those payments.

Offer in Compromise

Essentially we’re talking about striking a deal. You might have to sacrifice some assets, but it’s good to have a Plan B.


In some instances it may turn out that you’re completely in the clear after an appeal. It never hurts to explore your options.

A good attorney can make the difference between losing it all, and striking a deal that you can be happy with. Contact Palm Beach County tax attorney Steve Klitzner for IRS tax problem help today and request a freeconsultation.

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