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Tax attorneys in North Miami, Florida must be familiar with helping people regarding IRS problems. Some of the services a tax attorney provides are:

  • Removing Liens and Levies

The difference between a lien and a levy is basically how it will effect the property you own. A lien is placed on property for not paying taxes, but doesn’t prevent the owner from keeping for transferring their property. A levy generally happens due to bad communication between the taxpayer and the IRS and is a seizure of property.

  • Wage Garnishments

A North Miami, FL tax attorney can help tax debtors with wage garnishments. These are set in place to help in paying off tax debt because of overdue payments, underpaying taxes, or not filing and paying taxes in a long time.

  • Installment Plans

This is a monthly payment plan to assist in paying the IRS the money still owed. A tax attorney in North Miami, FL can help set up this payment plan with the IRS in smaller amounts that will be easier to fit into your monthly budget.

  • Removing IRS Penalties

Often, people who have skipped tax payments, no matter the reasons, find that the real problem in paying back the IRS isn’t the amount they withheld; but are the fees and penalties that have added up. Bringing in a reputable tax attorney can help with “an abatement of penalties” which is basically requesting the IRS to eliminate certain penalties on the account given “reasonable cause” by the taxpayer.

  • Payroll Tax

Small and medium-sized businesses suffer the harsh realities of payroll tax. If a business has employees, the owner is responsible for withholding part of their own wages in a trust fund until they are paid to the IRS similar to the withholdings employees experience for various insurance costs and taxes. Tax attorneys in North Miami, FL can help with any problerms you may encounter regarding payroll taxes.

  • Innocent Spouse

A formerly married couple already has personal problems and grief to handle, but tax issues concerning a spouse who refuses to report all of their income accurately can only make the problem worse. A tax attorney has the ability to assist the innocent spouse when the IRS comes after them through wage garnishments or other penalties for money that was not their responsibility to report. Contact your North Miami, Florida tax attorney today!

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