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Property Seizures

If you have been threatened by the IRS with property seizures or wage garnishments, unrealistic payment plans, or other tax problems, you need the help of a Miami Springs, Florida tax attorney. Many people do not realize that you are not completely at the mercy of the IRS. There IS a way out! Tax attorneys work with the IRS on a regular basis to negotiate a settlement or installment plan that you can live with, so that you can pay what you owe in small increments without breaking the bank!

Wage Garnishments

If wage garnishments have been placed or are being threatened by the IRS, guard your paycheck! Don’t let it happen! Before it does, call on the tax attorneys in the Miami Springs, Florida area to work out a settlement before this action is taken! You can’t live with only half a paycheck-not in these tough times. So act now and sit down with a certified tax attorney who can work out a reasonable payment plan that you can live with.

Tax Court

Once your situation goes to court, the scenario goes from bad to worse. Before it gets to this point, sit down with a tax attorney and work out a way to reduce your debt to the IRS, stop liens and levies, and come up with a settlement offer that they can present to the IRS on your behalf. If the IRS will not work with you because of repeated delinquent taxes, take all your records to a tax attorney and they will sort through the mess to find a solution! Avoid tax court by seeking help from a tax expert!

Un-filed Tax Returns

Everyone makes mistakes. If you have un-filed returns, the IRS may claim you withheld information. This can actually be a criminal offense if it is shown you did it on purpose. This can be a serious legal issues. Let the experience of a certified tax attorney speak on your behalf and save yourself a lot of headaches in the future.

The Solution

To avoid tax court and stop property seizures, as well as wage garnishments and other issues, consult with a local Miami Springs, Florida tax attorney today, before the situation gets any worse. The only action you can take that will hurt you is in doing nothing. Get all your tax records together and let us help you.

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