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It’s been great living in a community like Miami Lakes. Yet with all the IRS tax problems and phone calls to pay off your tax debt, you may lose everything – even your own home. When you are experiencing tax troubles like these with the IRS, contact Miami Lakes Tax Attorney Steven Klitzner.

Helping clients throughout Miami Lakes, Tax Attorney Steven Klitzner has extensive knowledge and experience with state and federal tax laws. He helps clients file their back taxes, lower their debt payments and stop the annoying calls from the IRS.

Tax Services from Steven Klitzner

Don’t get caught up in a headache dealing with the IRS or losing everything in paying off your tax obligations. Let Tax Attorney Steven Klitzner handle your tax issues with the professionalism and experience you need to be debt free. Services that we provides include:

Filing Tax Returns: If you have fallen behind with sending in your taxes, or you have problems completing them every year, we can help you get up to date.

Paying Back Taxes: Pay off all your back taxes without all the IRS letters and calls by letting us negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

Innocent Spouse: Steven Klitzner helps innocent spouses deal with tax liabilities when the IRS seeks payment from them because their partners made errors or omissions on joint tax returns.

Affordable Payment Plans: We can also help make payment arrangements for you with the IRS. Get placed on a monthly installment plan, or let us get you an Offer in Compromise where we can lower your debt amount so you won’t go through financial difficulties with unbearably high payments.

Wage Garnishment: If the IRS wage garnishment putting you through financial difficulties, we can solve your wage garnishment problems.

Remove IRS Penalties: Steven Klitzner will help remove IRS penalties if you file or pay your taxes late.

Remove Liens/Levies: We will remove liens and levies placed on your bank account and property by the IRS due to your tax debt.

Audit Representation: Audits are hassles that can put undue stress on your life. We will be your audit representatives to the IRS.

Tax Court: If you want your case heard in court, contact Tax Attorney Steven Klitzner who can help you through the process.

Appeals: You don’t have to accept any type of agreement that the IRS gives you. Let us help you file an appeal.

Payroll Tax: The IRS will hand out stiff penalties to a company that doesn’t send in payroll tax information or makes errors on the documents. Let us give you the best advice to handle payroll tax problems.

Don’t wait another minute if you are going through IRS tax problems, because the situation will only get worse – you can lose your legal rights as well as your finances and assets. If you live in the Miami Lakes area, contact Steven Klitzner who will help you solve your IRS tax problems today.

Tax Problem Resolution Services for Miami Lakes

At Florida Tax Solvers, we specialize in the following areas:

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