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There’s nothing like enjoying the sun and surf when living in Hollywood Beach, Florida – yet it’s hard to enjoy your time here if the IRS is auditing you. Don’t toss the papers into the trash believing the IRS won’t bother with you.

The IRS will contact you if there are any discrepancies with your tax returns, if you didn’t file any tax returns or if you didn’t pay taxes that you owe. The IRS can garnish your wages, seize property, or place liens or levies on your assets.

Let Hollywood Beach Tax Attorney Steven Klitzner Help With IRS Problems

You won’t have to deal with the IRS on your own if you live in the Hollywood Beach area of Florida. Steven Klitzner has years of experience dealing with the IRS for his clients. He understands both federal and state tax codes and uses his extensive knowledge to advise his clients on the best options. Services that tax attorney Steven Klitzner provides:

Back Taxes: There is no doubt that you owe back taxes. Let us help you figure out how much you owe and make arrangements to pay those taxes without having the IRS place a lien or levy on your assets. We can also help you file those un-filed tax returns so you are caught up on your state and federal taxes.

Tax Court: Sometimes the IRS will take you to court. Tax Attorney Steven Klitzner can help you file the right documents and decide on the best defense.

Audit Representation: If you are being audited, you need to have an attorney present so that your legal rights are protected and you do not agree to arrangements that will place a financial burden on you.

Appeals: If you don’t believe that your case was heard fairly by the IRS or in tax court, we can help file an appeal.

Wage Garnishment: Wage garnishments can place heavy burdens on your life. We can help you with these issues.

Stops unrealistic and unbearable monthly payments: Nobody should have to decide whether they should pay their taxes or buy food every month. If your monthly tax payments are unbearable, we can help bring the payments down to a level you can afford.

Remove Liens/Levies: We can help remove liens and levies placed on your assets.

Offer in Compromise: Many people don’t know that the IRS may settle for less than what you owe them. Let our tax law experience help you get an Offer in Compromise so you won’t have to pay the full amount.

Installment Plans: If you can’t pay the IRS in one sum, Tax Attorney Steven Klitzner can help arrange installment plans so you can get on a payment schedule that fits your budget.

Remove IRS Penalties: You can be penalized for filing or paying your taxes late. Let us help remove IRS penalties to ease your worries.

Payroll Tax: The IRS will place penalties on business if they don’t receive your payroll tax information. An expert tax attorney can give you the best advice on your company’s payroll tax issue.

Innocent Spouse: The IRS may come after the spouse of someone who has made errors on joint tax returns failed to pay taxes. Tax attorney Steven Klitzner can help the innocent spouse get relief from tax liabilities.

Don’t deal with the IRS alone — contact Hollywood Beach tax attorney Steven Klitzner today to get the IRS help you need.

Tax Problem Resolution Services for Hollywood Beach

At Florida Tax Solvers, Steven Klitzner specializes in the following areas:

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